Engaging in a dialogue with companies is a necessary step for a long-term investor guided by the concept of sustainable development. Dialogue enhances company awareness in the fields of sustainable development and corporate governance best practice, thereby engaging a process of improvement. The ultimate objective is to increase the company’s long term value for its shareholders, but also for all its stakeholders.

The dialogue between shareholders and company management is a key to long term value. Ethos therefore proposes the following services:

Ethos Engagement Pool Switzerland

Ethos therefore founded the Ethos Engagement Pool Switzerland (EEP Switzerland). In the name of its members, the Pool engages in dialogue with the management of the 150 largest Swiss listed companies. The membership is restricted to Swiss pension funds and other tax-exempt institutions.

The topics are chosen annually by the pool members. The EEP Switzerland is financed by its members and each member’s financial participation is proportional to their Swiss equities holding under management. Please contact us for further information.

179 pension funds and other tax-exempt institutions are members of the EEP Switzerland. They manage total assets of 346 billion Swiss francs.

Members of the EEP Switzerland

Ethos Engagement Pool International

In January 2017, Ethos and six Swiss pension funds set up the Ethos Engagement Pool International (EEP International). The EEP International allows Swiss institutional investors to engage companies listed outside Switzerland. Engagement is conducted either directly with companies or via collaborative engagement through the participation in international initiatives and investor groups. Members of the Pool benefit from an international network that includes institutional investors as well as investor groups with whom Ethos has closely collaborated throughout the years.

Members of the Pool also benefit from Ethos’ ESG research related to international companies through a personal electronic access.

111 pension funds and other tax-exempt institutions are members of the EEP International. They manage total assets of 281 billion Swiss francs.

Members of the EEP International

Engagement Services for asset managers and banks

Engagement Services gives asset managers and banks the opportunity to respond to the growing demand from private investors for sustainable investment solutions. Asset managers and banks can now participate direct or indirect dialogue with Swiss and foreign company leaders via collective initiatives on ESG issues. Ethos also provides a detailed annual report covering the engagement activities as well as individual access to its electronic platform where engagement progress and development can be tracked continuously and in real time.

Our range of services covers the following universes, which you can combine if you wish.

  • International and Swiss Large Caps (all companies for the MSCI World Index)
  • Swiss Large Caps (all Swiss companies, that are part of the MSCI World Index)
  • Swiss Mid & Small Caps